Replacing a bathtub isn’t a minor project. It requires a huge investment. Whether it is for functionality or aesthetic reasons, you have to properly plan the project before you proceed.  

Keep in mind that a bathtub costs a lot of money. Aside from the fixture itself, you’ll also have to spend money on the delivery, installation, and maintenance. Thus, you need to consider several things before you replace your old bathtub.  

Are you planning to sell your house? Are you going to live there forever? You have to answer these questions before you proceed.  

Before you hire plumbers in Wilmington DE, here are several things you need to think about before you replace your bathtub: 

What is the Normal Size of a Bathtub? 

You’ve got to properly measure your bathroom and your bathtub. Typically, bathrooms are small. You can save a lot of frustration down the line if you know your measurements accurately.  

A regular bathtub measures around 32-inch by 60-inch. It also takes around 13-square feet of floor space. If you add in the vanity, sink, and toilet, you’ll have a hard time fitting everything in your bathroom. If you only have a small space to work with, you shouldn’t set your sights on any luxurious and huge bathtubs.  

A professional plumber can help you evaluate the size of your bathroom and suggest the ideal shower/tub option. The plumber can also ensure that you follow all the relevant plumbing and building codes.  

Style is your priority here. Thus, you should search for alternative color options. Before you shop, determine what your biggest priorities are. If you don’t, you will get overwhelmed with the options available.  

When Should You Replace a Bathtub? 

You’re probably thinking that you need a new bathtub ASAP if you’ve got an old one that is cracked, rusted, or stained. Keep in mind that there are some tubs that you can resurface. If you’ve got a tight budget, you might want to consider resurfacing your bathtub instead of replacing it.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of reasons why you should replace your bathtub.  

  • Space 

If your current bathtub is too big for your bathroom, you can replace it with a small one. It will help you free up usable space in the bathroom and save you money on your water bill as well. 

  • Function 

Did your needs change? Do you want a bathtub that can support your mobility problems? If you’ve got health problems, you may want to install a bathtub with therapeutic jacuzzi jets. A longer tub will also make your life at ease if you are a tall person. 

  • Value 

You can improve the feel and look of your bathroom if you install a new bathtub. This is particularly useful if you’re planning to remodel or sell your house.  

  • Leaks 

If you’ve got leaks in your current bathtub, it is time to replace it. Water damage is a severe problem. It can lead to rot in your walls or floors if you ignore it. Eventually, it will result in mold.