HFCU History

Hermantown Federal Credit Union is located in the heart of the Hermantown community. It was organized in 1943 serving members of the Duluth Homestead Association and patrons of the Hermantown Community Store. By 1950 the credit union had attracted 175 members and by 1965 the total had grown to 2,371. Currently Hermantown Federal Credit Union is serving nearly 20,000 members, which includes all of St. Louis County MN, Carlton County MN, Douglas County WI and local union and trade associations. The main office is located at 4477 LaVaque Road in Hermantown, a Branch office is located at 2516 London Road in Duluth, MN. And a branch office located at 25 Belknap St. Superior WI.

At Hermantown Federal Credit Union, we encourage our members to save so they can build economic security for themselves and their families. In addition, we provide consumer and home mortgage loans. Beyond these basic groups of services, our members enjoy many other money-saving and convenience-oriented advantages and benefits.

This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.